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One of the 2015 megatrends we wrote about in our latest magazine is on how the travel industry will observe how mobile payments and wearable devices combine, starting in 2015, to create powerful conversion-driving opportunities for brands.

Most of the activity and spotlight seems to be focused on consumer applications, but what about business travel? How will business travelers use wearables to make their lives easier between point A and point B?

The business travel tech company Concur’s social media team came up with a nice and succinct presentation on how that might work, and its implications in the business of business travel. We have embedded the presentation below.

Think of how being able to bypass airline security or check into your hotel without waiting in line by using a wearable watch might be like. Or submitting mileage to your expense report or monitoring your sun exposure with a wearable while on a trip? All of these possibilities are on the horizon.