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Travels companies across all sectors have recognized the power in building a lifestyle brand and connecting their services to the aspirational concept of a stylish life of global adventures.


Cathay Pacific Airways recently launched a new campaign around the idea of a “life well-traveled.” As part of the campaign, the airline published several videos of its staff members talking about their idea of a life well-traveled and how that ties back to the airline. Including staff comments alongside customers’ and digital influencers’ reflections helps Cathay build out a well-rounded campaign with diverse perspectives and broader reach.

Visit Lake Charles sought to show potential visitors what it feels like to visit the destination rather than publish a laundry list of attractions to see. The resulting ad features music from a local artist with lyrics that describe the destination in poetic terms. For a lesser-known destination, showing is much more powerful than telling.

Mercure Hotels is in the midst of a new competition, which asks customers to post a video for a chance to win a six-week trip around the world to test the theory that any two people are connected by no more than six degrees of separation. This first video announces the campaign and kickstarts the playful social branding effort.

Geckos Adventure identifies future travel trends in the cutest way possible — by asking children between four years old and 10 years old. The children share their insights on which countries will see a slump in tourism, where young and old travelers will head in the greatest numbers, and which languages are needed for overseas travel. Their responses for best travel advice range from “play” to “don’t get bored.”

In anticipation of the opening of the $3.5 billion Baha Mar Resort & Casino in Nassau, The Bahamas, the resort has released its first video ad. The short film, “The Voyage,” follows a worldly couple on a yacht trip with flashbacks to their well-traveled lives. Scenes, paired with the song “Feeling Good,” invoke feelings of discovery and joy. The two-minute film is at the center of the brand’s digital campaign and a longer version of spots that will appear on TV in the U.S. and Canada.

Photo Credit: A scene from Baha Mar's new ad. Baha Mar Resort & Casino