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You know that feeling when you’ve spent too long in a Banana Republic and the jazzy jazz music starts to drive you crazy? Well we now have a hotel to produce that feeling too. Hyatt just announced the Centric brand of hotels, for “modern explorers,” with “simple expectations” but “high standards.” Whatever that means.

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh. At least Hyatt didn’t use the same stock model that Hilton’s Canopy and every other startup on the planet used.

The new Centric hotels are geared to be a bit more unique from property to property, eschewing the standard cookiecutter model and emulating something closer to the Kimpton chain of hotels. Think of it more as a boutique aesthetic with the underpinnings of a chain hotel.

In truth, I’m excited about Centric. I’m excited that Hyatt widening its portfolio and staying modern, especially when younger travelers are defecting in droves to vacation rentals. As for my travel habits, well, I don’t think I perfectly fit into the demographic that Centric is targeting, but I’m also not a big fan of Banana Republic.

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It’s been days and I still have no clue what the eff Hyatt Centric is supposed to be about.

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The Points Guy was on Bloomberg TV this week helping us slog through the New England storm. Check out his spot here.

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Photo Credit: The new Centric brand leans heavily on the existing design aesthetic of Hyatt's urban properties, like the Hyatt Union Square. Hyatt Centric