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Just as brands closed the year with holiday-themed ads and words of appreciation, they are now simultaneously releasing short videos that outline their plans for the coming year, encourage customers to travel in 2015, and spread overall positive vibes.


Virgin Atlantic taps into the trendiness of entrepreneurship with its new ad that positions the carrier as the facilitator that turns ideas into success stories. It plots the path from napkin doodles to practicing pitches to yielding offers with the plane, lounge and onboard service as the backdrop. The fast moving ad aligns the brand with quick wit, success, and young business professionals.

Turkish Airlines builds its brand’s connection to the attractions of Turkey in its latest ad that shows a young woman explore the art, cuisine, and landscape of the country. The visuals are stunning and fast moving, keeping the viewer entranced in the beauty until they are gently brought back to the plane’s interior where pieces of the culture persist.

Expedia proactively counters many consumers’ excuses not to travel with this short ad showing a young woman travel abroad alone. She lists her myriad of reasons why she would put offer travel while simultaneously showing the great time that she’d had if she went. Expedia’s ad is particularly timely following data released last year, which showed the many vacation days Americans leave unused.

This video from Kerala Tourism is one of a series in which the tourism organization reflects the opportunities that responsible tourism has in the state. Each of the campaign’s stories is inspired by true tourism activities and seek to stir up pride in local culture while raising awareness of the sustainable tourism practice.

American Airlines builds excitement for the coming year, and its plans to put 100 new planes in the sky, with a new ad that compiles its many ads from around the world and different mediums from bus ads to billboards to mobile apps.

Photo Credit: A women explores a market in Turkey. Turkish Airlines / YouTube