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Finance departments in the U.S. likely are bracing themselves for the busiest day of the year, December 15, as business travelers’ expense submissions are likely to hit their annual peak.

Concur Technologies, which offers a travel and expense platform, found that the third Monday of 2013, December 16, was the busiest day for expense claims that year and the third Monday of December has consistently been the busiest expense day for its clients.

Finance departments will have to get ready for the expense submission blitz tomorrow, December 15, 2014, as employees submit their travel expenses before the holiday crush and prior to 2014’s demise.

On December 16, 2013, submitted expenses increased by 221 percent over their daily average, Concur found. Mobile users among Concur’s clients submitted more than half a million receipts, using photo submissions, and that bested the daily average by 259 percent, Concur stated.

On December 16, 2013, hotel/lodging (34%), airfares (33%) and meals (26%) accounted for 93% of all the expenses submitted.

If the pattern holds true, finance managers likely won’t be submitting any of their own meal expenses for December 15 as they’ll likely be working through lunch and dinner in the office trying to handle the expense-submission blitz.

Photo Credit: Business travelers likely won't be sitting around looking relaxing on December 15, 2014 as it should be the peak day of the year for submitting travel expenses to their employers. American Express