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Volume of reviews mirrors actual visitor volume suggesting that TripAdvisor provides a fair representation of visitors and opinions for each destination.

There were more TripAdvisor reviews written about Italy than any other country in 2014.

Rome, Milan and Florence all fall within the top ten most-reviewed cities in 2014, according to TripAdvisor’s data on contributions from January to September 2014. Approximately 75 million reviews were added to the site in the past year.

Six of the top ten most-reviewed cities were within Europe with London and Paris also falling in the top three.

In the U.S., the most-reviewed cities mirrored the most visited cities with New York City, Las Vegas and Orlando making up the top three in both categories. California was the most-reviewed state with San Diego and Los Angeles also making the top ten.

Travelers from the United States are the most prolific contributors to the site, which in part explains the high number of reviews in Europe, but traveler from Japan actually submit the most photos per user on average. Travelers from Singapore write the longest reviews on average.

TripAdvisor can also track contributions by individual user and found that some users account for a shockingly high number of reviews. The most active user submitted 1,090 reviews between January and September of this year. She is a Destination Expert for San Francisco and many of her reviews are located within the city.

Other users were called out for their many contributions to accommodations (93 reviews), restaurants (440 reviews), and attractions (796 reviews).

The most reviewed global and U.S. cities are outlined below:

Global United States
1. London, United Kingdom (565,742) 1. New York City, New York (375,905)
2. Rome, Italy (438,118) 2. Las Vegas, Nevada (244,331)
3. Paris, France (414,700) 3. Orlando, Florida (213,340)
4. New York City, New York (375,905) 4. San Francisco, California (106,375)
5. Barcelona, Spain (256,962) 5. Chicago, Illinois (93,978)
6. Las Vegas, Nevada (244,331) 6. New Orleans, Louisiana (81,296)
7. Orlando, Florida (213,340) 7. Washington, D.C. (76,149)
8. Milan, Italy (179,303) 8. San Diego, California (63,445)
9. Florence, Italy (153,235) 9. Los Angeles, California (62,512)
10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (148,543) 10. Miami Beach, Florida (62,096)
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Photo credit: The homepage for TripAdvisor reviews of London. TripAdvisor

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