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Although the app is a clever marketing play, and perhaps effective relaxation tool, most flyers have apps, music and games that they already turn to in everyday life for relaxation or stress reduction.

It’s been one year since the FAA approved in-flight electronic usage during takeoff and landing, sparking a change in regulation in many countries worldwide.

Airlines one-by-one announced the new rules with playful social media updates, but few have introduced new products to take advantage of the few minutes that passengers gained.

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways today announced a new app designed specifically for takeoff and landing. In response to its survey of U.S. airline passengers, which found 68 percent of respondents find takeoff to be the most stressful part of travel, the airline created the ANA Takeoff Mode app for iOS devices.

“Now we hope that the ‘ANA Takeoff Mode’ will ease and relax flyers, allowing them to enjoy their flight with ANA from the very beginning,” said Masaki Yokai, VP Marketing & Sales The Americas, in a statement.

The app is a simple puzzle paired with relaxing music. When the app detects takeoff through ambient noise inside the cabin, an animation and message will appear for the user.

The puzzle was chosen based on the survey, which found listening to music (61 percent) and puzzles (56 percent) were the top two ways that flyers relax during takeoff.


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Photo credit: All Nippon Airways' new app relaxes flyers during takeoff. All Nippon Airways

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