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Aimed at the strategists, marketers and technologists in travel, Skift Trends Reports provide our subscribers with in-depth trends analysis, covering all sectors the travel industry.

And now, a year after its launch, we are ditching the PDF report format and moving to an online responsive design format, to help our users access and read our reports from anywhere. You can read read these in-depth reports on your desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device, or across the multiple devices you may be using. You will also be able to save it for offline reading, and print it, if so needed.

Check this free report for an example of what reports will look like going ahead.

And now, along with the usual monthly subscription option that we’ve always had, we are now launching the yearly subscription, which gives users access to ALL reports Skift has ever done, a huge value bundled in right from the start!

In addition, we are also launching multi-seat and enterprise subscription options as well, so multiple people in your organization can now benefit from these reports. Check out all the options and benefits here.

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