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Airbnb’s cohesive and emotive campaign stood out on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook with considerable multi-day performances. Most of the other notable activity this week came from one-day gains on individual platforms.

Each week, we call out travel brands that have stronger than usual activity on social media. Using SkiftIQ, we’re able to track current performance versus past (60-day averages, unless otherwise noted) as well as notice spikes in activity that demonstrate a brand has either a viral hit on its hands or a public relations mess to clean up.

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The latest social activity on SkiftIQ for the week ending October 26, 2014:

1. Airbnb on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Airbnb found a true story about two guards that lived on opposite side of the divide as fodder for their brand’s “Belong Anywhere” campaign. They launched a video on YouTube that was viewed more than 1.8 million times since November 6 and increased their subscriber base by nearly 670%, raising its 17 Followers/Day Average by 114 subscribers on November 6 and 7.

Although the Berlin-related post on Instagram on November 8 garnered slightly more than Airbnb’s 2,310 Likes/Media Average, its followers jumped by 210% to 1,291 Followers — attributable to sponsored content targeting. On Twitter, a still from the video –not a promoted video — was tweeted and retweeted over 1,000 times and its follower volume grew by 48% from 363 Followers/Day Average to 533 Followers/Day.

On Facebook, it uploaded the campaign video directly to Facebook on November and, as of today, it has received 2,750 Likes, 585 Shares, and 79 Comments, making it the most engaging content since September 2014. It had a one-day Facebook Page Like increase of 1,780 Page Likes from its 2,250 Page Like/Day Average.

2. Air New Zealand on Twitter

The hashtag #HobbitFanContest inspired fans of writer J. R. R.Tolkien and director Sir Peter Jackson to follow 75 winners’ trips to the various set locations of “Middle Earth” in New Zealand. Last week the winners got an exclusive screening of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” and an opportunity to get a special behind-the-scenes look from the director and Weta Workshop. The airline’s social media team was quite busy capturing all the excitement on its Twitter feed with tweets and retweets. Non-winners were rewarded for their attention with a sweepstakes for two roundtrip tickets to the upcoming world premier. In addition, its epic safety video continued to rack up social media engagement. Its Twitter account grew by roughly 145% each day, raising its 362 Followers/Day Average to 882 Followers/Day on for four days straight from November 4 to 11.

3. Walt Disney World Resorts on Instagram

Two days before it recorded a notable 140% Instagram Follower increase, it posted an photo of a “Beauty and the Beast” inspired beer mug and it received 53,400 Likes and 1,230 Comments–more than double its 21,167 Likes/Photo Average. Although it uploaded two other images that were not visually appealing — one for each day — it gained enough momentum to push it to the top three.

No one serves brew like Gaston! (Photo: @nanny_christy) #waltdisneyworld

A photo posted by Walt Disney World (@waltdisneyworld) on

4. Southwest Airlines on Twitter

Southwest Airline’s latest collaboration with music provider and headphone company, Beats Music was announced and launched on November 3, 2014. Terrence J., co-anchor of E! News at E! Entertainment, contributed a playlist to kickoff the new onboard entertainment. The buzz around musicians playing live concerts in-flight also induced enough fervor to attract 52% more Twitter Followers over its 575 Followers/Day Average, three days after the announcement.

5. AirAsia on Instagram

Engagement is strong on content about discounted airline fares. AirAsia went one step further and offered FREE flights. The airline announced this special fare with a graphic reminder on Instagram. The Likes on this post was double its 294 Likes/Image, but what was more impressive was its 130 total comments — way above its 3-57 comments/image range in the month of October. AirAsia’s Instagram community grew by 50%, raising its 42.5 Followers/Day Average to 86.5 Followers on November 7.

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Photo Credit: Still from, "Wall and Chain: A story of breaking down walls." Airbnb / YouTube