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This week’s ad roundup is a lesson on how to quietly promote a product while discussing a more attractive concept like love of nature, the magic of flying, and the camaraderie of colleagues.


Destination British Columbia is rebranding itself as “Super, Natural British Columbia” with this stunning video as the first asset of its marketing campaign. The new brand will focus on the destination’s nature and wilderness and be spread widely during the upcoming ski season. The imagery is gorgeous and the words powerful.

This short animated film from JetBlue explains the airline’s new social mission ‘Fly It Forward’ to provide free flights to travelers involved in humanitarian efforts and allowing them to pass the ticket on to another traveler of their choice. Although a generous campaign, the content and buzz derived from it will be more than worth the free flights.

As airlines’ routes expand amid global tourism growth, carriers are finding new ways to announce and celebrate the new cities that they’re serving. The video celebrating Emirate‘s lastest addition, Budapest, quickly captures behind-the-scenes happenings while also informing customers.

Turkish Airlines has come up with an ingenious way to celebrate its staff while also promoting the magic of travel. This story follows 62-year-old Andras Foldvari who has traveled to 500 airports and 151 countries and also happens to be Turkish Airlines’ regional market director in Hungary.

Photo Credit: Destination British Columbia releases a new video to introduce its new branding, "Super, Natural British Columbia." Destination British Columbia / YouTube