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Brands today need to have a soul and are increasingly wading into alternative entertainment, marketing and branding projects in order to connect with a younger, hipper audience.

This week’s travel ads are four great examples of how brands across several sectors do this while reinforcing their product or experience.


Travel startup launched the above video this week in an effort to share its overarching mission as well as attract new users to the site. The video is beautifully done, a compilation of new and previously seen clips from around the world, but the voiceover is what truly sets the video apart from other travel videos.

Canadian Tourism Commission turns the camera lens onto the Instagram users who the organization has worked with closely to promote the destination on social media. In this first of these episodes, it follows Toronto local Kael Rebick as she talks about what she loves about photography and her city.

Thompson Hotels partnered with The Shoe, a musical duo including actress Jena Malone, for a summer tour during which Malone and her partner performed at properties across the country. They not only held formal performances but played in guest rooms, the lobby, and hotel restaurants. Thompson’s partnership is part of a growing trend in which hotel companies are associating their brands with entertainment and lifestyle influencers.

British Airways uses 4D projection technology to recreate an aircraft’s journey in celebration of the launch of its first A380 landing in Singapore. Seven high-powered projectors were used to create the effects around a 1:20 size scale model

Photo Credit: Travel startup created this video to capture its business mission. / YouTube