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Last Friday, Air Canada made a series of changes to their 2016 mileage program that will effectively cut back on many of the benefits for elites. Among their changes are stricter rules for mileage accrual, additional fees for award tickets and fewer lounge benefits.

For their part, the folks who run their mileage program seem unapologetic, suggesting that giving free upgrades to elites “cheapens” the experience for paid first class passengers.

Though a kick in the shin to Canadian business travelers, the changes unfortunately seems to be a growing trend among mileage programs. As the profits keep coming in, airlines are taking every opportunity they can to cut back on costs and transfer power away from the consumers. Today it’s in Canada. Tomorrow it will be in the US.

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@Aeroplan Why must you make your program less attractive every year? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

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Photo Credit: Air Canada just cut benefits for its frequent fliers. Air Canada / Air Canada