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>> Prepping students for space travel is getting popular in university aviation programs: Need for Commercial Space Travel Pilots Driving Changes to Aviation Education

>> Airline innovation needs to happen faster: 3 Biggest Challenges Facing the Global Aviation Industry

>> Another carrier will offer high-speed Wi-Fi: United Takes on Delta With High-Speed Gogo Internet on Regional Jets

>> Airlines and airports are finally stepping up Ebola response efforts: Airlines, Airports and Cabin Crews Responding to Ebola Crisis

>> U.S. flight attendants wish they could still control mobile devices: U.S. Flight Attendants Sue FAA to Regain Control of Mobile Devices

>> We saw this coming: Malaysia Airlines Restructuring with $421 Million Shareholder Offer

>> Ebola isn’t making everything worse: U.S. Airlines’ Stocks Rise Amid Dropping Fuel Costs, Overplayed Ebola Concerns

>> Another airline says goodbye to SeaWorld: Virgin America Joins Southwest in Ending SeaWorld Ties

>> Hawaiian Airlines once again comes out on top: U.S. Airlines Were Less Reliable This August Than Last August

Photo Credit: A United regional jet. United Airlines