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Our twice-monthly Skift Trends Report series takes a deep dive into industry trends across various sectors of travel.

The latest report in the series, Content Marketing Trends for Innovative Tourism Boards, launches today.

Destinations have always been in the content marketing business, but they are now getting more creative in both how content is produced and distributed.

The evolution continues today with blogs and social media­—the bread and butter of many destinations’ content marketing efforts—leading the way to the blurred lines of sponsored content on consumer news sites and media partnerships.

Through interviews with major U.S. destination marketing organizations such as Visit California and Visit Florida as well as case studies on recent campaigns from Switzerland to Oregon, this Skift Trends Report traces the state of content marketing as well as developments and trends that are reshaping the business and editorial goals of tourism boards and their media partners.

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Preview the report below, including the Executive Summary, Introduction and Table of Contents:

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This is the twenty-sixth in a series of twice-monthly trends reports that brief readers on a specific trend, providing insight into the current state of the market, the context around the trend, and where the industry is heading in the near future.

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