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Rather than a radical new platform that changes the way we travel, these startups are trying to improve the current travel experience by giving users more context and information with which to make decisions or explore a destination.

It’s rare to find a new platform that completely changes the travel experience. Most, like the startups covered today, instead aim to improve a certain aspect or component of the travel experience with the goal of making it more efficient and enjoyable.

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>> FareScout is an app that searches historic airfare data to help travelers get an idea of whether fares are going up or down before booking a flight. It gives users a recommendation of whether to purchase the ticket at time of search or wait seven days.

SkiftTake: In the ephemeral debate of the best day or time to buy a flight, data is the best tool we have a making an educated decision. FareScout is just one of several new services to tackle the problem.

>> Roomlia is a hotel booking app that allows users to book rooms at the best available rates, seven days out from arrival, and complete transactions with just two swipes. The app was designed by former Expedia employees and currently facilities bookings for upscale hotels in five major U.S. cities.

SkiftTake: There is no lack of hotel booking apps and services on the market right now, making it difficult for newcomers to break out and necessary to pinpoint and serve a particular customer base.

>> History Hero is an interactive video game that guides users through major museums around the world. The app is an alternative to guidebooks and audio tours that’s designed for young children.

SkiftTake: History Hero is a great example of new services and technology aimed at adding context to previously dull or sophisticated parts of the travel experience. This, along with virtual reality apps and audio tours, want to make the information-gathering part of travel more enjoyable.

>> Ouisi is an app that helps travelers send home purchases and souvenirs while still in a destination. The app partners with FedEx, UPS and DHL

SkiftTake: Ouisi is a great example of a new wave of startups that are not improving on critical aspect of the travel experience, but instead making it better by streamlining and simplifying small tasks along the way.

>> ClickBus is a Portuguese global booking platform for bus travel with operators in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Thailand and Pakistan.

SkiftTake: Bus travel continue to gains tractions as flyers opt of out of crowded, expensive flights and bus operators wise up to the demands of today’s leisure and business travelers. Online booking is an obvious part of that transition, but ClickBus already has several major competitors in the space.

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Photo credit: Ouisi is an app that helps travelers send home purchases and souvenirs while still in a destination. Ouisi

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