This will please the avgeeks.

Did it infuriate you as much as it did us, when onboard, we looked at the fleet information or route maps to find they were out of date, or the information wasn’t detailed enough? London based company Neutral have just launched their new software for airlines which will change the way we look at our moving maps and airline information again.

Embracing everyones inner avgeek, Neutral have created a use friendly, multi-function tool that can be installed into seat backs or hand-held IFE tablets, that allow the user to see the fleet in full 3D glory, find out useful information, and even learn about how the engines work. There is further usability too, from route maps, to social media interaction and even geo-tagging.

Whilst this may be just a small piece of flexible software (it can be installed on Android, iOS and Panasonic’s new IFE systems) it will turn our setbacks to state-of-the-art plane-spotter geek stations. It also has commercial promise too, allowing for 3D tours of the premium cabins, hopefully upsetting to those in economy (or getting them frustrated!) and also allows for advertising to be integrated into the tool.

Whilst there are no airlines currently using the new software, the app will be officially launched at the APEX in September. However, from what we’ve seen in the visuals and video, this may be one piece of kit, however seemingly unnecessary, that all airlines should be investing in.

3D Fleet App · eX3 and eXLite Systems, iOS and Android from Neutral Digital on Vimeo.

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Photo Credit: Promotional video for Neutral's in-flight software. Neutral / Vimeo