Spirit Airlines Boasts About All the Things It Doesn’t Have, Like In-Flight Wi-Fi

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With only a minority of passengers purchasing Wi-Fi on most airlines, Spirit Airlines realizes it can make more money doing without the Wi-Fi and the fees it would charge if the airline offered it.

— Dennis Schaal

Most airlines are scurrying to reassure customers that they are rolling out in-flight Wi-Fi fleet-wide as rapidly as possible.

After all, the all-important Millennial craves all things digital, and older travelers value getting online, as well.

But, no-frills carrier Spirit Airlines refuses to install Wi-Fi and it has turned its refusenik stance on this connectivity amenity that many passengers have come to enjoy and expect into a marketing pitch.

Spirit Airlines actually boasts about its lack of Wi-Fi.

In a video, Spirit touts its “bare fares” that provide just a seat for the price of a ticket, and the airline explains how the absence of in-flight Wi-Fi blends well with its strategy to unbundle fares.

“For one thing, we skipped the spotty Wi-Fi and added more seats. It’s not to cramp your style. It is to save you money. More people in the plane means lower fares for you.”

While some travelers view in-flight Wi-Fi as a means to get more social as it provides the ability to stay connected with family and friends while flying, Spirit views its lack of Wi-Fi as a social benefit because passengers can converse with other passengers without electronic distractions.

“Without the Wi-Fi,” the video states, “you can get all cozy chatting with your neighbors about how much extra cash you saved.”

Since Spirit has one of the most narrow seat pitches in the air, it’s really easy for passengers to get to know their neighbors.

Here’s the Spirit video:

This is Spirit from Spirit Airlines on Vimeo.

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