is closing its Crosswinds Way facility and laying off its remaining 85 San Antonio employees as it concludes the sale of its partner travel network to Orbitz Worldwide.

Workers got notice on June 30 that their jobs would end Aug. 31, according to a July 1 letter the company sent to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, employers must give 60 days’ notice of mass layoffs.

Travelocity, owned by Southlake-based Sabre Holdings Corp., had already let go of about 60 workers in December.

Travelocity spokesman Keith Nowak said those layoffs were due to an ebb in demand.

Nowak attributed the Northeast Side office’s imminent closure to the end of a six-month transition period with Chicago-based Orbitz Worldwide.

Earlier this year, Travelocity sold its partner network, which runs companies’ travel sites, to Orbitz.

Nowak said many of the San Antonio employees were expected to get jobs with a local call center that contracts with Orbitz.

“We do feel good that a lot of our current employees will have an opportunity to transition over and be recruited as part of the Orbitz agreement,” Nowak said. “It is not seamless, but it is a good opportunity.”

Travelocity last year announced a long-term strategic partnership allowing Expedia Inc. to power search results in return for Travelocity’s additional Web traffic.

Carl Sparks, president and CEO of Travelocity Global, said the agreement would offer Expedia’s “top-notch booking platform” and “more robust supply of travel options” while allowing Travelocity “to focus increased resources on building our competitive strengths in marketing and retailing.”

Photo Credit: Ad campaign from Travelocity YouTube