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There are a few things World Travel and Tourism Council is great at: Research and data on the size and importance of travel in global stage, in-depth reports, and the impressive line-up of speakers at its conferences.

Here’s one thing it is terrible at: Making travel and tourism sector look like one of the more desirable, creative and fun sectors on the planet.

Case in point: Its latest attempt at a campaign to “help change the perception of a career in the sector.” Essentially, making the youth understand how viable the sector is to make a career option out of, and considering it besides the sexier and more remunerative alternatives like tech, media, fashion, banking, and others.

The new campaign, called #TourismMatters (yep, they’re cool like that), is asking people through its social media channels to create their own 15 second videos to explain why they love working in Travel & Tourism, and upload to, hold it, Instagram.

As if that’s not enough to blow your mind with the coolness of it all, Chris Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Worldwide, Raymond Bickson, CEO of Taj Hotels, and Thulani Nzima, CEO of South Africa Tourism, are lending their blinding star power to convince the youth of today, and prove that the travel industry speaks their lingo.

The CEO of WTTC weighs in: “Travel & Tourism helps transport people to all corners of the world, immerse them in different cultures and experiences and provides a livelihood to millions worldwide. It’s a fantastic Industry to work in but we need to increase awareness of career opportunities. Graduates need to be moved away from always only considering banking or finance or law as careers with opportunities for progression and security and see Travel & Tourism as an excellent career option. We believe this campaign can play its part in doing that”.

No, it won’t.

Just watch these videos below, and if you’re not convinced this it the funnest, most creative sectors on the planet, you’re made of stone.

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