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The travel industry is a key focus for Facebook’s 2014 initiatives. The leading social media giant is committing to being present in the dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and reflecting of the consumer journey.

According to our social database SkiftIQ, Airlines is the leading travel sector with the most “Likes” and most unique engaged users on the platform.

Destinations and Media come in at a close second and third place as the most talked about, and Bookings and Tools and Cruise Lines lead in number of audience.

For brands that are looking to see how well they compare in the industry and in their sector, it’s helpful to look at these charts to gain a segmented perspective.

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Having a large audience is useful, but it’s the number of interactions that is a better metric for measuring the quality of content efforts that can acquire new fans.

Facebook’s “Talking About” metric takes in all the unique users who participated in standard social activity on pages in addition to answered questions, posts by others, mentions, photo tags and check-ins.

Producing creative content, posting relevant questions, and responding to the audience and thoughts contribute to building brand awareness, providing customer service and effecting transactions.

Most Engaged Brands on Facebook

The three companies that performed the best with likes and most engaged unique users are Walt Disney World (Destinations), National Geographic (Media) and Carnival Cruise Lines (Cruises). This was expected being that they are sector leaders.

Within the Airlines sector, it is surprising to see Emirates Airlines outperformKLM’s social efforts by sector and industry. This airline that ranked 11th in Facebook “Likes” but ranked first in “Talking About” with a 19% content effectiveness, calculated by dividing “Talking About” metric by total page “Likes.”

Although, Chicago O’Hare had the highest content effectiveness, its “Talking About” figure still does not compete with Emirates Airlines’ reach and social media programs.

Outperformer vs Sector Leader (indicated with *)Facebook LikesTalking AboutContent EffectivenessSector
Skyscanner3,010,000202,0007%Bookings & Tools
American Express*5,310,00049,4001%Bookings & Tools
Batuta Travel832,00041,1005%Travel & Tour Providers
G Adventures*1,038,9615,3241%Travel & Tour Providers
Chicago O’Hare111,00036,60033%Airports
Alamo RentACar146,00027,50019%Ground Transportation
Amtrak*413,0005,2901%Ground Transportation
Hard Rock*3,485,0124,5650%Hotels

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