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Recently, we came out with our omnibus “Evolving Strategies in Travel Ad Tech and Bookings” report, focused on how ad technology and data is completely upending the travel booking sector.

Below are five highlights that address major trends in the data-driven advertising world.

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What will define some of the next innings for the programmatic marketing landscape? What follow are five candidates for trends within the data-driven advertising space.

  1. Cookies will matter less. The mobile device is everywhere and marketers’ audience identification will have to rely up on different tools for measuring segmentation and providing behavioral analysis.
  2. Paid, owned, and earned: all media types will be touched by programmatic strategies. And the tech will cross hardware and contextual boundaries — screens, devices, and countless media properties. Consequently, advertisers will seek richer and more actionable customer profiles, ones to which predictive analysis can be applied across channels and media properties.
  3. Key elements of programmatic marketing will be strong management platforms and enterprise governance strategies that assure travel advertisers have access to secure information.
  4. The digital marketing supply chain will experience pressures to restructure and realign so that it can better aid programmatic execution.
  5. The number of third-party platforms will eventually shrink to just those that prove the most robust within the programmatic space.

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Photo Credit: Data driven advertising trends and how it is affecting travel players.