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Custom made drone delivering two Champagne bottles

Landing outside the porch at one of the suites of Mansion at Casa Madrona

And job well done, though could have been lot easier with a human.

You knew this was coming: Using drones not because they have any real use, but because they’re cool and have a novelty value for PR. And we’re writing about this, so this must work, right?

The Mansion at Casa Madrona, a resort in Sausalito, CA with a view of the Richardson Bay and San Francisco skyline, has launched drone delivery of Champagne for its guests.

For now, this “luxury” is only available for one of the suites in the property, the Alexandrite Suite. This specific drone was customized to retrofit these two bottles, and that’s the only delivery it will do.

The hotel is coming up with mini-drones to deliver cookies as well as other amenities, the hotel said. Of course, such useless-amazingness can’t be free, right?

“The cost is determined based upon the size and number of drones needed and is an additional cost to the rental of the Alexandrite Suite and/or full Mansion buy-out. The drones can be used for the Junto meeting and event space as well,” the company gently breaks in its PR release.

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