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Today is a big day in travel industry geek news with travel software and data company Sabre Corp debuting on the NASDAQ stock exchange early this morning.

The company raised $627 million in its IPO and stocks priced at $16 a piece on Wednesday were up 6.6 percent to $17.06 before noon.

But before shares even had a chance to rally, Sabre employees around the the world were tweeting their excitement with glasses of champagne, balloons, and their name up in lights on the NASDAQ MarketSite, all with their own hashtag “

The company told us: “Social activity by employees was purely organic. There was no initiative or instruction by management. Our employees are excited about the IPO!”

The tweets below give readers a glimpse at the excitement in New York, Dallas, and Rome.

Sabre’s digital content strategist is excited to see his name on the NASDAQ MarketSite:

Sabre president and CEO Tom Klein shares photos of the big day:

The global communications specialist holds up a glass of champagne:

Even Sabre’s Rome office got in on the fun:

Some had to celebrate while still on the grind:

And this employee was documenting the day at Sabre HQ:

Photo Credit: Sabre Corporation Digital Content Strategist Kevin Carrillo live tweets during the company's IPO this morning. Twitter