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For the travel lists and data nerd in you...go overdose on them.

Here at Skift we love lists, stats, charts and underlying data, and throughout our existence have written lots of stories built around these. Our SkiftIQ service is built all around data insights. Our newest Twitter feed @skiftstats has become a big hit in a week of its launch.

So we thought it would make sense to collect all these lists-meets-data stories we did over last year into one big post, and so we did, a giant list of 109 stories, some serious, some frivolous, and some just fun.

For the travel data and lists nerd in you:

  1. The World’s Top Travel Companies Ranked by R&D Investment
  2. The Most Common Types of Passenger Misconduct on U.S. Airlines
  3. The Best Hotel Social Media Campaigns of 2013
  4. The Top Business Hotels in the World, As Voted by UK Business Travelers
  5. The Most Valuable Airline Brands of 2013
  6. The Top Low-Cost Carriers in Southeast Asia
  7. The Top Meetings Destinations in U.S.
  8. The Top Low-Cost Carriers in North America
  9. The Fastest Growing Travel Companies in America in 2013
  10. The Luxury of TripAdvisor’s Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.
  11. The Top Low-Cost Carriers in Africa
  12. The European Destinations Most Popular Among U.S. Visitors This Year
  13. Tourism in 2013: The Fastest Growing European Countries
  14. The 25 Most Visited International Cities By Business Travelers
  15. Top Travel Industry CEOs on Social Media
  16. The real 15 largest travel companies of 2013
  17. The world’s 10 best hospitals for medical tourism
  18. Bangkok is the biggest destination of 2013 as Asian cities take over
  19. The best 100 restaurants in the world
  20. The world’s 15 most expensive taxi rides from the airport to a city
  21. Biggest hotel groups and brands of 2013: American companies still dominate
  22. Atlanta’s airport once again tops list of busiest U.S. airports
  23. Americans get half the vacation time yearly as Russians. Go figure
  24. Moscow leads the world in hotel room service charges
  25. Denver top city for skiing and yoga in U.S.
  26. The world’s most open countries to go to, turns out, are mostly remote
  27. The Majority of American Travelers Stay Plugged in on Vacation
  28. Study: Denver Has Healthiest Airport Food, Atlanta’s Is the Worst
  29. Customers Prefer National Car Rental in J.D. Power Survey
  30. Business Travel Airfares Forecast To Decline in North America in 2014
  31. Trends In U.S. Airline Employment in 2013
  32. Music Tourism Brings $3.5 Billion In Revenues To UK Every Year
  33. Travelers to the U.S. Visited Fewer States and Stayed for Less Time in 2012
  34. The Travel Habits of Brazilians: U.S. Tops As Most Popular
  35. Limited-Service Hotels are Enjoying a Renaissance Among Travelers
  36. Global Airport Traffic Growth Is Being Driven By Emerging Economies
  37. Top 25 Most Popular Destinations for Chinese Tourists
  38. Breaking Down U.S. Domestic Airlines By Coach Seat Size and Fees
  39. 7 Most Popular Types of Travel Booking Websites of 2013
  40. Inside the Mind of an Average Adventure Traveler
  41. The Top Online Travel Communities Used by American Travelers
  42. The 10 ways in which travelers are using Twitter for tips
  43. 25 most visited theme parks in the world: Florida and California dominate
  44. Florida’s deep data dive highlights its most valuable tourists
  45. Top 20 countries fueling U.S. tourism: Asia and Latin America on the rise, Europe in decline
  46. The top 10 global airlines most dependent on extra fees
  47. The world’s most popular international meeting destinations
  48. The countries British travelers have fallen out of love with
  49. The future of Arab travel, as reflected in its youth
  50. The online planning and booking habits of ten different tourist groups
  51. How travelers from ten countries access the Internet from the road
  52. Chinese are now the biggest spending tourists globally, for the first time
  53. SkiftStats: Water use in hotel industry & the coming crisis in Asia-Pacific
  54. More people stay in NYC than leave, as population hits record high
  55. The world’s fastest growing countries in travel
  56. The world’s most tourism-dependent countries
  57. SkiftSocial Analysis: The ten most popular cruise brands on Facebook
  58. Visa-on-arrival is the new currency in global travel
  59. Starwood dominates list of 10 most digitally savvy hotel brands
  60. SkiftSocial Analysis: The 10 most popular international airlines on Twitter
  61. Instagram’s List of Top Photographed Places in 2013
  62. The Top 10 Premium Airport Lounges of 2013
  63. Japan and California Top Tumblr’s List of the Most Reblogged Places of 2013
  64. The Top Emerging Global Destinations Travelers Are Actually Going To\
  65. Seven Top U.S. Travel Businesses Creating Jobs In America
  66. The Top Low-Cost Carriers in the Middle East
  67. The Top Low-Cost Carriers in Europe
  68. The Top Low-Cost Carriers in Latin America
  69. The Top 50 Most Popular Checked-In Places on Facebook
  70. The Top 10 Spending Categories for Business Travelers: International Vs. U.S.
  71. Top markets for vacation homes in the U.S.: From Nantucket to Gatlinburg
  72. Saudis, Australians, and Chinese are world’s top travel spenders
  73. U.S. airlines on-time performance rankings: Virgin tops, United worst
  74. Consumers say Southwest, Choice Hotels and Marriott have top travel apps
  75. U.S. Travel ecommerce spending tops $100 billion, airlines outpace hotels
  76. The top travel trends of 2012 as defined by Google searches
  77. World’s top 10 soft power ambassadors for 2013
  78. The top least-visited countries on the planet: Which ones have you been to?
  79. The World’s 15 Largest Business Travel Markets Are Growing
  80. Travel industry jobs are biggest drivers of middle class growth in U.S., study shows
  81. Mostly, people just care about an extra week of vacation as biggest work benefit
  82. 15 Most Popular Photos of U.S. National Parks on Twitter in 2013
  83. Ten Most Popular U.S. Destinations for Facebook Check-Ins in 2013
  84. 7 Most Popular Types of Travel Booking Websites of 2013
  85. Orlando stands as most popular U.S. destination with 57 million visitors in 2012
  86. The 5 most popular guns found this year at TSA airport checkpoints
  87. The ten most popular cruise brands on Facebook
  88. The 10 most popular international airlines on Twitter
  89. The 10 most popular U.S. airlines on Twitter
  90. The Caribbean Islands Most Dependent on Cruise Business
  91. The 20 Most Expensive U.S. Cities for Summer Car Rentals
  92. How 16 Middle Eastern Airlines’ Social Efforts Stack Up
  93. The Luxury of TripAdvisor’s Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.
  94. The 20 Most and Least Expensive Cities to Take Sightseeing Bus Tours
  95. The annual Club Sandwich Index calls out Geneva for $31 meal
  96. China’s ultra rich travel less, but shop much more while abroad
  97.  London Heathrow Goes from Least to Most Family-Friendly Hub in 18 Months
  98. 10 Most Wi-Fi-Connected U.S. Airports and 10 Least-Connected
  99. Hotel Chains Are the Most Digitally Adept Brands in the Middle East
  100. The 10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in New York City
  101. African Cities Rising in Ranks Among World’s Most Expensive Cities
  102. How Americans Traveled Domestically Last Quarter: Mostly Alone
  103. The 20 most visited museums in the world: London, Paris & DC dominate
  104. The most preferred hotel brands in India
  105. Most visited Caribbean countries and how they stack up during spring break
  106. The world’s most marketing savvy countries in travel
  107. The countries most open to foreign travelers
  108. Business travelers find world’s most expensive hotels in Moscow, Lagos, and New York City
  109. The world’s most ethical destinations for 2013


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