Expedia Backtracks on ‘World’s Largest Travel Site’ Claim

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It was careless for Expedia previously to claim it was the globe’s biggest travel site. You’d think it would have been more precise about its boasts, and in its latest ads it narrows its claim and documents it. TripAdvisor assuredly is happier now.

— Dennis Schaal

Expedia no longer claims in its advertising to be “the world’s largest travel site,” as it did until recently, and now qualifies that boast, stating it is “the world’s largest full-service travel site.”

Expedia’s reversal follows Skift’s publication of an article February 17 highlighting Expedia’s questionable claim.

TripAdvisor, which said it reached 260 million monthly unique visitors in December and markets itself as “the largest travel website in the world,” took issue with Expedia’s claims.

Expedia’s latest TV and video ads now label it the “world’s largest full-service travel site.” As an example, the “Expedia – Find Yours Storybook” ad is embedded below.

In the fine print, Expedia says the new claim is “based on a comparison of other full-service online travel agencies, defined as those providing booking and services related to air, hotel, cruise, car and activities to a global customer base.┬áData based on comScore Media Metrix for Expedia Inc. sites worldwide, average monthly unique visitors Oct. ’12 to Sept. ’13.”

Here’s how Expedia lays claim to its bragging rights in its latest TV and video ads:

Expedia full bigExpedia’s previous ads proclaimed that Expedia was the “world’s largest travel site” — without the “full-service” qualification.

placeit-102 (1)

Source: PlaceIt by Breezi

Here’s the “Expedia – Find Your Storybook” ad:

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