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This week’s roundup of travel ads is edgier than most. It takes inspiration from viral videos, national statistics, and sporting events to add relevance to destinations outside of the usual tourist attractions.


Visit Finland‘s latest ad is a play on the viral video ‘First Kiss’ in which artist Tatia Pilieva asks 20 strangers to kiss for the first time. Visit FInland’s video is a bit more tame and aimed at highlighting the kinds of people you could meet on a trip to the country.

Taking advantage of the viral buzz of ‘First Kiss’ suggests Visit Finland is on its A game and we expect more good things to come.

In light of statistics highlighting Denmark’s low birth rate and slow population growth, Danish travel company Spies Rejser is telling Danes to take a romantic holiday and ‘do it for Denmark.’ It is also offering prizes, including diapers and a family-friendly trip, to Danes who can prove they conceived a child while on vacation.

Discover Los Angeles appeals to travelers that feel they have a story to tell or discover. It touches on the city’s cinematic roots and its cultural attractions. The ad also fits in well with the state’s tourism campaign that focuses on the dreamers that are attracted to California.

Cathay Pacific comes out with another sports-themed ad in light of the rugby world cup starting this week in Hong Kong. The ads always feature the airlines’ well-dressed flight attendants performing unexpected acts of agility.

Visit Mississippi is hosting a yearlong party and wants everyone in the U.S. to attend. The new ad campaign focuses on the state’s history and how its culture and food permeates the lives of Americans who might not even realize it.

Photo Credit: A new ad from Discover Los Angeles urges viewers to discover their won story in the city. Discover Los Angeles / YouTube