Airbus short-haul fleet cabin

The new premium business class.

The new premium business class.

Both the 787 and the A350 economy class design.

Both the 787 and the A350 economy class design.

The new premium business class.

The new premium business class.

The new premium business class.

Seat detail Airbus short-haul fleet.

Geometric flooring in toilets. Airbus short-haul fleet.

Recaro Seat detail on the Airbus short-haul fleet.

Seat detail Airbus short-haul fleet.

LATAM have announced a brand new look for their short haul and long haul cabins, being rolled out on their Airbus A320 family aircraft and new 787-9 and A350 fleet. This is the first real sign of unification between the two airlines, who have been working together since 2012.

Conceived by Priestmangoode, the new domestic cabins feature another refreshing and culturally sensitive design. The use of the Recaro BL3520 seats is a economic masterpiece, weighing 30% lighter than it’s previous model, whilst still offering a sleek, well designed and comfortable passenger experience.

There are no business class seats in these short haul cabins, in a similar move to major European carriers making a flexible sized business class cabin dependent on route and demand.

Two aircraft already feature the new design including a LAN Airbus A320, servicing domestic routes within Chile and a TAM Airbus A321, servicing domestic routes within Brazil. Moving forward, all of the new Airbus A320 and A321 short-haul aircraft will feature the new cabin interior and seats, giving passengers more space and comfort.

The fabric for the seats in the short-haul cabins was designed incorporating four colors and two different leather textures. For the new long-haul cabins, the fabric incorporates more cloth elements to create maximum comfort for longer flights.

Beginning in 2015, LATAM Airlines Group will incorporate two new aircraft models into the long-haul fleet with the Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900 that will feature the new cabin design and offer two classes of service, Economy and Premium Business.

The new unified cabin design is one of the most tangible examples of standardization between the two airlines since the merger.  With a focus on a comfortable and welcoming experience, the design was inspired by South America’s colors and textures combining elegant natural tones that reflect the passionate culture and warmth of the region.

Jerome Cadier, Marketing Vice-President, LATAM Airlines Group, said, “We hope our passengers continue to enjoy the experience of flying with LAN and TAM and that they share the same passion we have for flying.”

But this airline is just one of many recently embracing looking internally to inspire their cabin offerings.South African recently showcased a brilliant example of this (also designed by Priestmangoode), and both Fiji Airways and Hawaiian Airlines also offering a sympathetic approach to their cultural roots. It is this sensibility that customers are responding to in a positive way. We will have a full report on this new trend on soon.

“Every element was carefully selected and designed to include the best elements of the countries in the region to create a world class project. With these objectives in mind, the rich wood textures of the Amazon are present in several elements throughout the cabin, including part of the floor and details on the seats. The fabric, textures, colors, and patterns are reminiscent of the beautiful landscapes of our region. Even the iconic beaches of Ipanema were a source of inspiration for the cabins”, added Cadier.

We love the bright, bold and genuinely South American-like color palette here, and whilst there are similarities to the approach between both South African and LATAM, there is no denying that these new aircraft joining the South American fleet, are a prime example of what makes South America so inspirational to so many.

In the video below it is possible to see beyond just the soft furnishings of the seats. The wooden effect floors, the grass carpet bulkheads and the geometric patterns in the toilets all impart the best of what South America has to offer and help break from the drab cabin surfaces known around the world.

Whilst the ‘premium business’ seats found on the 787-9 are similar to those we covered for Royal Brunei or more recently Kenya Airways and even Air India, they are fully flat and are offered in a 2 x 2 x 2 seat configuration (on the 787) and offer a large amount of personal space and are perfect for traveling with a partner.

This is a great step forward for a substantial carrier, especially considering between the two sub brands of LATAM, there is a fleet of over 300 aircraft needing to be aligned a little closer. We look forward to seeing the actual long haul aircraft as they come on to the line early 2015.

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