Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends.

This one looks at top hospitality trends, and looks deeply at Airbnb.

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>> Using market caps and room numbers to compare the value of a room: How Much Is an Airbnb Listing Really Worth?

Airbnb is raising money at a $10 billion valuation. Here’s how its inventory stacks up agains the major hotel chains.

>> Small is beautiful (and better): Users Give Small Luxury Hotel Brands Better Reviews Than Big Competitors

A deep look at online user reviews reveals that consumers are more likely to say nice things about small independent luxury hotels than a big brand.

>> Westin wants guests to feel good: Westin Feels Good about Itself With Launch of $15 Million Well-Being Campaign for Guests

Westin, the hotel brand that brought you the Heavenly Bed, wants guests to “Sleep Well” in it, and is putting $15 million behind a year-long well-being campaign to reinforce its lifestyle brand image.

>> Dubai raises the stakes on its hotel ambitions: Dubai Says it Will Double the Number of Hotel Rooms it Has by 2020

The emirate that spent more than $110 billion to transform itself into the Middle East’s commercial and entertainment hub is seeking to attract 20 million tourists annually by the end of the decade

>> Airbnb’s long-range game plan: 19 Hints to Airbnb’s Strategy to Become the Asset-Light Global Hospitality Brand

Based on the open and implied hints in the FastCompany story we believe it is building a global hospitality brand, not unlike the likes of the largest hotel brands globally.

>> China’s move into London luxury: 4 Ways a Tripling of Chinese Travelers Will Change London Hotels

Luxury retailers and hoteliers across London have been waiting with intense anticipation for an expected influx in Chinese visitors to the UK—which is going to have some major impacts on the British tourism industry.

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