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Exactly six months ago we launched our Skift Trends Reports,  focusing on trends across various sectors of travel, from across the globe.

Each edition is a 20-25 page state-of-the-market report on a specific trend giving you great insights into the current state of the market, the context of what led to this trend, where that trend line is going in the near future, and specific strategies on working the trend for your business, with a mix of market segment data+analysis+actionable insights.

With two new reports out every month, now we’re up to 12 reports on 12 different global trends and issues in the global travel industry.

Upcoming reports in the series, released every second Tuesday, include:

  • Data-Driven Advertising for Travel Booking
  • Connected Cruise Ships and Passenger Experience
  • The Rise of Female Business Travelers
  • The Meetings Technology Report
  • The Rise of Silent Traveler
  • The Future of Online Reputation Management
  • The Rise of Curation in Travel Listings
  • The Rise of Mainstream Adventure Travel
  • The Future of Tours and Activities Tech
  • Business Travelers’ Changing Digital Device Habits

Download a full sample report, The Rise of the Chinese Independent Traveler.

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