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ICRAVE-designed Voyage Bakery Cafe in Terminal C at LaGuardia pairs industrial chic decor with a modern, French bakery atmosphere. Customers can use iPads at the counter to order food or browse the Web. ICRAVE

In collaboration with OTG Management, ICRAVE is designing concession renovations at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Terminal A, and the upgrades are slated to be in place in spring 2015. ICRAVE

Vice President Joe Biden rightfully, in a recent speech, called out LaGuardia Airport for its decrepit conditions, but Biden obviously didn’t have a chance to grab an iPad along the bar seating at the recently opened Voyage Bakery Cafe in Terminal C.

Customers can use the iPads to either order food from the French-style bakery or browse the Web as they choose baked goods from a glass-bar top that doubles as a table top and display case.

Yelp reviewer Jeff B. of Cambridge, Massachusetts says of Voyage Bakery Cafe: “It’s like dining in the future. Or Japan. Or what I imagine it’s like to dine in Japan. Except you’re in an airport, not the future (or Japan).”

Design firm ICRAVE developed the venue’s concept in collaboration with OTG Management.

Here’s how ICRAVE describes the Voyage Bakery Cafe concept: “ICRAVE-designed Voyage marries industrial chic decor with a modern, French bakery atmosphere. The color palette is clean and stripped down, with prominent black materials that provide contrast to the lighter surrounding gate-hold.

“With seating on three sides, and a take-out counter at the front, travelers can order showcased baked goods from the unique glass bar top located directly at their seat. The main structure acts as a central focal point with exposed bottle shelving and printed chalkboard menus on a well-lit floating canopy, supported by just two posts.

“In addition to food-focused display cases, television screens and iPads make Voyage an oasis for entertainment within the terminal.”

You can view an image of the new cafe at LaGuardia’s Terminal C, as well as an image of another ICRAVE and OTG collaboration, concession renovations at Terminal A at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which are slated to open in spring 2015, in the gallery above.

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