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Interestingly, when you look at the best performing travel brands on social media as measured by Skift Score, none of the top 20 use Hootsuite for the majority of their activity.

Reaching current and future customers on Twitter is of primary concern to most travel brands, but there’s no one set formula for success.

Yesterday we rolled out an update to SkiftIQ that added a number of new features. We also gave it a bit of facelift to bring it in line with our redesign we began rolling out in mid-January.

One of the features we added is the ability to see what tools travel brands are using when they post content to Twitter. Twitter clients, like Hootsuite or TweetDeck, allow brands to schedule tweets in advance, set up rules that allow for sharing information across groups, and monitor trending topics.

In addition to these more advanced tools, brands also post to Twitter though updates from other social sites like Pinterest or Facebook, apps on iPhones and Android devices, and, too.

We thought it would be interesting to see who’s using what clients, so we did a dive into SkiftIQ to sort through the last 1,000 tweets of every travel brand.

Some highlights:

  • When you add up all the activity in each of our eleven sectors, Hootsuite is the most-used client by volume in nine of those.
  • Only in Airlines and Influencers is Hootsuite relegated to second place, behind the Twitter website and TweetDeck, respectively.

Twitter for iPhone shows up in the top five in eight out of the eleven sectors. This speaks more to the ubiquity of the iPhone than well-thought out strategy, as it offers no means to manage activity within an group. In most cases, brands are using it to respond to an issue on-the-fly within a smaller or even one-person social media team.

Interestingly, when you look at the best performing travel brands on social media as measured by Skift Score, none of the top 20 use Hootsuite for the majority of their activity. Rather, each brand (with the exception of AirAsia and Four Seasons Hotels), uses a proprietary or enterprise-level paid client.

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Twitter Clients of Top 20 Travel Brands on Social Media

Brand Sector Skift Score Most-Used Client
KLM Airlines 872 Salesforce CRM
Amtrak Ground Transport 850 Radian6
TAM Airlines Airlines 837 Scup
AirAsia Airlines 824 Web
American Airlines Airlines 819 SNAP100
United Airlines 819 Radian6
Azul Airlines 815 SAP Social OnDemand
Virgin America Airlines 813 @VirginAmerica
Air France FR Airlines 810 Salesforce CRM
Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise Lines 799 Radian6
Hyatt Hotels Hotel Brands 799 Spredfast app
British Airways Airlines 796 Spredfast app
Qantas Airways Airlines 786 Radian6
Lufthansa Airlines 785 Image Tweet Bot
Southwest Airlines Airlines 784 SocialEngage
Air Canada Airlines 782 Sprinklr
Walt Disney World Resorts Destinations 777 SocialEngage
Matador Network Media 774 Sprout Social
Four Seasons Hotels Hotel Brands 769 Web
Heathrow Airport Airports 768 Radian6

Source: SkiftIQ

SNAP is American Airlines’ proprietary social media tool, and AA’s team uses it for 100% of its Twitter activity. In an effort to up its weak social game, post-merger US Airways recently began tweeting with it too, and it now represents 99.7% of the sister airline’s activity.

American Air’s social media team declined to answer questions about SNAP, but we know a few things about it from looking at other activity on SkiftIQ. American’s response rate to customer issues is faster than any other airline — 12 minutes. The Airline’s activity is also 100% devoted to replying to customers. Whatever SNAP specs are, it’s focus is on conversation and customer support.

Below we look at each of our eleven sectors and which clients are most used in each one. The Tweet Count is measured by adding up the last 1,000 tweets of each brand in that sector, and then counting up how many tweets were sent by each client.

Top Twitter Clients by Sector


Client Tweet Count
Web 39053
HootSuite 17714
TweetDeck 6340
Facebook 5747
TwitSpark 5696

» See detailed Airlines data

Tunisair tweets exclusively via Facebook, while Go! Airlines (87%) and RAK Airways (66%) use it for the majority of their activity on Twitter. Many of the other brands that use Facebook to tweet only do so about 10% of the time, typically when they’ve shared something to their wall.


Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 5550
Twitter for iPhone 2599
TweetDeck 2503
Facebook 1772
Web 1219

» See detailed Airports data

Cruise Lines

Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 1195
Web 704
TweetDeck 692
Facebook 637
Twitter for iPhone 472

» See detailed Cruise Lines data


Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 22201
TweetDeck 7457
Twitter for iPhone 4229
Facebook 3647
Web 3503

» See detailed Destinations data

Hotel Brands

Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 6371
Web 2558
Sprinklr 2075
TweetDeck 1287
Sprout Social 1109

» See detailed Hotel Brands data

Booking Sites and Tools

Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 5407
Social Observer TF 921
Web 487
Spredfast 477
TweetDeck 445

» See detailed Bookings & Tools data


Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 5579
TweetDeck 3805
Twitter for iPhone 1496
Twitterfeed 1285
Web 1056

» See detailed Media data

Travel and Tour Providers

Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 983
Facebook 302
TweetDeck 165 106
Twitter for iPhone 90

» See detailed Travel and Tour Providers data

Ground Transportation

Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 3666
TweetDeck 3007 2301
Web 1557
Twitter for iPhone 1301

» See detailed Ground Transportation data

Hotel Properties

Client Tweet Count
HootSuite 9958
Facebook 7546
Twitter for iPhone 5439
TweetDeck 2683
Social Media Alerts 1364

» See detailed Hotel Properties data


Client Tweet Count
TweetDeck 6361
HootSuite 6271
Twitter for iPhone 4739
Tweet Button 2944
Web 2627

» See detailed Influencers data

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