Accor Has Pulled Off One of the More Impressive Hospitality Ad Stunts of the Year

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The 14-minute video is an exercise in digital marketing and brand partnerships. Accor gave people a lot more than a brand or bed to talk about by partnering with other brands like Columbia and GoPro to create content that is interesting with or without the ibis plug.

— Samantha Shankman

What’s way more exciting than a press release? An expedition to the top of one of the most dangerous mountains in South America.

Accor, the world’s largest hotel group, marked the opening of its 1,000th ibis hotel with a video project. The company sent the ibis-branded “Sweet Bed” on an expedition led by adventurers and producers Aaron Chervenak and Gareth Jones.

The goal was to transport the bed and sleep in it on the top of Devil’s Mountain, or Mount Roraima, where Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela meet.

The duo was joined by a doctor and two other producers. The details of their daily journey was filmed by Vice Productions and put onto the ibis Expedition website.

The interactive platform allows viewers to skip ahead to certain parts of the trip, choose their viewing angle, and click on hidden interviews and unedited scenes available throughout the video.

The site, available in 11 languages, was designed by BETC Digital.

The company’s goal was “to show that that the new Sweet Bed concept guarantees ultimate comfort and a peerless night’s sleep even in this very isolated and particularly incongruous setting.”

The bed was designed during the brand’s revamp starting in 2011.

14 minute video on the “expedition”, embedded below:

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