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The type of startups on this big list are the consumer travel ones that mostly fail, and very few among these get funded as the data above shows. California and New York are, not surprisingly, the main places where they are first started, though L.A., Boston, Seattle, and Colorado are also good hubs for travel startups.

There are lots and lots of travel startups, and we cover many of them here at Skift. One question that fascinates us is where do these companies get started, and what’s the geographic spread?

That led to us digging into AngelList data on startups, and we came up with the first story in a series on the geographic spread of North American-based travel startups, and related data.

The top states/cities for travel startups in U.S. shouldn’t surprise: California and Silicon Valley still have the siren call for anyone trying to do a startup, and the travel sector is no different. Los Angeles has a surprisingly high number for not having any major large travel companies being based there, though it is a big tourism destination.

Some other observations:

  • Almost all of the 677 travel startups in the U.S. on this list are consumer startups.
  • About 46 percent of all travel startups are in the U.S.
  • About 50 percent of all travel startups on AngelList are started in North America.
  • Only 85 travel startups in the U.S. have raised $50K or above in funding.
  • About 28 percent of all travel startups in the U.S. get started in Silicon Valley area (including San Francisco).
  • About 17 percent of all travel startups in the U.S. are started in New York.
  • Only 36 companies in travel are at seed stage.
  • About 34 travel startups in the U.S. are working on iOS platform, according to AngelList.
  • About 52 startups are on Ruby-on-Rails platform.
Total Travel Startups: 1,488 Total U.S. Travel startups: 677
U.S. State/City Number of Startups
California 271
Silicon Valley (Includes SF) 188
San Francisco 137
New York 118
Los Angeles 45
Massachussets (Boston+Cambridge) 28
Florida 26
Texas 25
Austin 13
Chicago 21
Colorado 16
Seattle 15
Washington DC 15
Atlanta 12
Pennyslyvania 11
Las Vegas 9
Oregon 9
San Diego 9
Miami 7
Hawaii 7
Portland 6
Indiana 6
Missouri 6
North Carolina 6
Michigan 5
********************* *********************
Canada 49
Toronto 16
Montreal 13
Vancouver 6
Waterloo 5
********************* *********************
Mexico 6
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