8 Aviation Trends We’re Tracking at Skift This Week

Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top aviation trends. For all of our trends roundups, go here.

  1. U.S. airfares and fees are increasing every year: U.S. Airfares Continue to Rise Despite Additional Revenues Reaped from Fees
  2. Ryanair’s evolution from rebellious to respectable continues: Ryanair To Launch New Products For Business Travelers and Groups
  3. Airports and airlines cater to travelers with free Wi-Fi: The World’s Busiest Airport Is About to Introduce Free Wi-Fi
  4. Airlines starting to lower prices for connectivity and entertainments: Delta Introduces $2 In-Flight Wi-Fi Passes for Smartphones
  5. Airlines starting to lower prices for connectivity and entertainments:  Southwest To Keep Free DISH Programming On Flights For the Rest of 2014
  6. U.S. flyers hate the prospect of in-flight phone calls: Public Comments Oppose In-Flight Phone Calls As a ‘Horror Beyond Imagination’
  7. Airports and airlines riding post-recession rebound: Number of Flyers Arriving and Departing at NYC Airports Passes Pre-Recession Levels
  8. Flying is the safest it’s ever been: Deaths Caused by Plane Crashes Drop Dramatically Over Two-Year Period

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