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Don’t jump between moving doors.

Turn your phone on silent while in transit.

Shake off wet umbrellas before boarding the Metro.

Expecting mothers are given priority seating.

Riders should be aware of large backpacks and bags.

Abstain from eating on the Metro.

Be careful when traveling with large luggage.

Don’t play music loudly.

Mind your personal space. And definitely do not fall asleep on your neighbor’s shoulder.

Cover your mouth when sneezing.

Common sense public transit manners include abstaining from phone conversation, giving seat priority to pregnant women, and not smoking on station platforms. But not all riders follow such simple practices.

The Tokyo Metro started reminding riders of common sense manners in 1974 when it introduced 12 unique posters promoting the passenger awareness. It has since unveiled a new poster each month featuring a different situation likely to happen on crowded commuter trains.

The transportation company introduces a new theme for the year starting in April. This year’s theme is coming to an end and we compiled the 10 released posters (April to January) above.

The posters are colorful graphics that remind riders to turn off their cell phone, be aware of large backpacks and luggage, keeping music low, and not eating on the trains.

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Photo Credit: The January "manner poster" for the Tokyo Metro. Tokyo Metro