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Sometimes originality is overrated. Take these six hotel operations tips, for instance. They’re not new. So what’s the big deal?

When you apply these time tested hospitality lessons in a new way – to help with gathering more guest reviews – you’ll see revitalized growth in a key metric that influences future bookings, your property’s online reputation and more.

In this article we’ll focus on the automated Review Express tool from TripAdvisor, but you can apply these principles to other review encouragement techniques, too.

1. Efficiency is key.

While automating housekeeping is just a dream, you can streamline your review collection efforts. How? With automated Review Express. True to its name, automated Review Express enables your internet booking engine (IBE) to send an automatic review request email to guests who booked via your website. So you can streamline and expand your review gathering process with minimal effort. And to help streamline your budget, automated Review Express is available free if your IBE is a TripConnect Premium or Plus Partner.

2. Online effort should supplement, not replace, onsite efforts.

Would you respond to emails from potential guests but then ignore the guests during their stay? Of course not. Many hoteliers tell us they see even better review collection results when they combine a friendly in-person request for a review with a post-stay reminder email. That’s why a convenient solution like automated Review Express is especially valuable. Synergy may be an overused buzz word, but it still applies when it comes to enacting a holistic approach to getting more reviews.

3. Cater to guests even if they didn’t book through your website.

Sure, you’re more likely to give a preferred room to a guest who booked directly with you and made a specific request. But you’d still extend the same welcome, service and amenities to a guest who booked through another channel. Apply the same thinking to your review collection goals by using the version of our Review Express tool in your Management Center, which lets you send a review request email to guests who didn’t book through your internet booking engine. It takes just a few minutes to email up to 1,000 recent guests at a time, and Review Express even removes duplicates so you don’t accidentally email someone twice using the automated and manual versions of Review Express.

4. The easier it is for the guest, the better it is for you.

How often do you hear a guest complain that check-in was too easy? Probably about as often as you complain about getting too many direct bookings. Convenience is a great thing. That’s why emails sent using automated Review Express include an attention-grabbing link to write a review about your property. So your recent guests are just one click from expanding your online reputation with a review on TripAdvisor.

5. “What have you done for me lately?”

With travelers, that can mean putting more emphasis on how today’s breakfast was than yesterday’s breakfast. It also speaks to travelers putting more emphasis on new reviews when planning travel. With a low touch tool like automated Review Express, for little effort you can up your chances of getting a steady stream of new opinions from recent guests. And ultimately, those more recent reviews can influence visitors to your TripAdvisor property page and turn them into guests at your property.

6. The need for speed? It’s guaranteed.

Think of all the good reviews you see when a noisy air conditioner is fixed right away, or when an overcooked omelet is replaced while the guest’s coffee is still hot. With just a little effort and timeliness, you turn a negative experience into a positive one. Speed also works in your favor when gathering new reviews. Automated Review Express sends emails within 3 days of check-out, which helps you collect reviews while details are still fresh and recent guests are more likely to take action. So even when you’re busy overseeing things for a big wedding party, planning a website redesign or solving any of the hundred things that come up each day, your guests who book through your website can still get a timely reminder to write a review.

We know how important TripAdvisor – and every review – can be to your hospitality business continuing to grow. Try pairing these tips with Review Express. We think you’ll be happy with the results.

This content is created collaboratively in partnership with our sponsor, TripAdvisor.

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