Death to the guidebook. Long live the guidebook.

Arthur Frommer and daughter Pauline bought back the Frommer’s series from Google in April and have put out the first of 30 new titles, banking on travelers who prefer printed real books over flighty apps.

Among the first are “Boston Day by Day” and “Frommer’s Easy Guide to Paris 2014.” (FrommerMedia, $13.95 and $10.95.)

“We reacquired ownership of all 340 of our titles,” says Arthur Frommer, sounding ecstatic. “We are bringing out 30 new titles, completely up-to-date books for 2014 written by our most talented writers.”

A new Easy Guide series aims to be light and succinct, weighing only a few ounces, and “you can wad them up in your pocket or purse,” he says. “They don’t list 100 hotels. They list our authors’ preferences.”

The point is to help travelers swamped by too much travel information, says Pauline Frommer. She is glad to have the family imprint back in the family. They licensed it to Simon & Schuster in 1977, which then sold it, until it was sold again and languished with Google until the Frommers bought it back.

“We have accounted for one of every four travel guides sold in the United States and Canada,” says Arthur Frommer, who wrote “Europe on $5 a Day” more than 50 years ago. “We are determined to once again enjoy that type of sales.”