Many Americans this year are choosing a new breed of low-cost bus to get them from Point A to Point B for Thanksgiving. Here’s a look at how one company,, compares with other modes of travel for someone making the 300-mile journey from Chicago to St. Louis on Wednesday and returning Sunday.

The fares are from an online search the Friday before the holiday and reflect the higher costs of relatively last-minute bookings.


Time: 5 ½ hours.

Roundtrip fare: $122.50.


Time: 1 hour.

Roundtrip fare: $452.80.


Time: 5 ½ hours.

Roundtrip fare: $142.00.


Time: 4 ½ hours (with light traffic).

Roundtrip gasoline cost: about $79 (with national average gas price of $3.28 per gallon).

Photo Credit: A Megabus in Chicago. It would take about 5.5 hours to get from there to St. Louis, barring a snowstorm, and would cost around $122.50 roundtrip over the Thanksgiving holiday. A United flight would do the one-way flight in about an hour, but that doesn't count commuting time to the airport, and it would cost a lot more. Jeramey Jannene /