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What may seem like an overly bossy guide isn't the worst idea. New York could publish one focused entirely on telling people how to conduct themselves on sidewalks.

A behavioral guide in different languages for tourists arriving on cruise ships has been circulated by the capital’s police in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Tourists must be aware that Identification should be carried at all times and produces to security officers upon request, read one of the 14 guidelines released by the Abu Dhabi police for tourists arriving in the emirate on cruise-liners.

The behavioral guide aims to provide tourists with an overview of UAE’s tourism culture, traditions and customs. “Abu Dhabi Tourism Police would like to wish you a happy and pleasant stay in Abu Dhabi and respectfully draw your attention to the following,” read the beginning of the guidebook. The brochure is available in 12 different languages. Arabic, English, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Urdu, German, and Korean, are among them.

“Do not drive under the influence of alcohol,” and “please wear respectful clothing” are some of the main pointers. “Your safety is our concern. In case of emergency, please call 999. To contact the Tourist Police please call toll free 8002626,” the bottom line of the brochure highlighted.

In a press note, released on Thursday, Lieutenant Colonel Muzeed Al Otaibi, Chief of Tourism Police Section at the Criminal Investigation Department said, “(We) are always available to serve tourists, and guide them on the rules of public behaviour.” He informed that a temporary office at Mina Zayed in Abu Dhabi has been set up to help tourists arriving on cruise ships between November and April next year.

“The tourism police officers welcome tourists upon their arrival, and hand them the awareness brochures and leaflets in several languages. This initiative aims to improve police services and offer tourists all means of comfort, to maintain security of the community, and enhance the sense of tranquility,” he added.

The department has also assigned officers who speak several languages to help tourists of different nationalities. Among the several brochures released in this regard are the “Tourist Guide”, “Beachgoers Guide”, the “Behavioral Guidelines for Tourists”, and the “Taxi Guidelines”. Al Otaibi stressed that such steps were essential to ensure that Abu Dhabi remains a community enjoying security and safety. It helps provide high-quality police services to the citizens, residents and visitors of the emirate. He urged tourists to abide by the state laws and regulations, and respect local customs and traditions.

And, advised them against indulging in uncivilized and inappropriate behaviour, and to respect the feelings of families and beachgoers. The main pointers in the flyer are:

  • The possession and abuse of drugs and psychotropic substance is against the law.
  • Please avoid any behaviour in public places which could be considered indecent, such as kissing, cross-dressing, etc
  • Please wear respectful clothing
  • It is prohibited to consume alcoholic drinks in unlicensed places
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Identification should be carried at all times and produces to security officers upon request
  • All major credit cards are accepted in most shops and outlets. There are also many ATMs. There is no need to carry a lot of cash.
  • Please ensure that your vehicle is always locked and that valuables are kept out of the reach of strangers
  • Entry to and the photography of restricted areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Prostitution, begging and vagrancy are against the law and contrary to local values and traditions.
  • It is advised not to buy from unlicensed peddlers.
  • Please ensure that the details of all goods and services are included in any receipt to protect your consumer rights.
  • Please use the main beaches that are supervised and avoid isolated ones.
  • Not eating, drinking or smoking in public places during the fasting hours (daylight) of the Holy month of Ramadan and all religious rituals and occasions should be respected.

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