Ed: We’re starting a new monthly feature on top trafficked sites in various sectors in travel, using data from SimilarWeb. We have found SimilarWeb’s traffic stats to be a relatively good barometer of consumer web activity, better than other traffic comparison sites, at least as far as proportional comparison goes.

So far we’ve looked at the top online booking sites, the top airline sites, and the top hotel brand sites around the globe, and today we’re looking at the top travel media/content sites from around the world (in terms of traffic), for October 2013. The focus below is English-language sites, and likely there are bigger Chinese and other language travel content sites. We’ve left out TripAdvisor here because of its reliance on user-generated content, but if it was included it would be on top.

Takeaways: LonelyPlanet is still big in standalone travel media brands, and there are so many ways it could grow if done well under the new ownership. Travel magazines still have along way to go in online. And generalist portals could still play a big role in the travel content world.

1Travel.yahoo.com11. M0:01:302.59United States 61.06%N/A
2LonelyPlanet.com8.2 M0:02:392.97United States 30.77%N/A
3Timeout.com5.2 M0:02:523.89United Kingdom 34.44%N/A
4About.com Travel6.8 M (from Comscore)NANANANA
5Wikitravel.org4.4 M0:01:592.28United States 25.44%N/A
6WAYN.com4.2 M0:06:207.59United States 23.39%2.5 M
7Fodors.com2.8 M0:01:332.87United States 64.71%3.7 M
8Virtualtourist.com2.8 M0:02:212.78United States 26.69%N/A
9TravelChannel.com2.2 M0:02:243.16United States 88.90%NA
10Travelandleisure.com2 M0:02:5110.05United States 82.68%2.1 M
11Travel.nationalgeographic.com1.5 M0:02:125.11United States 56.23%N/A
12CNTraveler.com1.4 M0:02:3810.3United States 75.24%N/A
13Travel.CNN.com1.3 M0:01:502.3United States 27.73%N/A
14Frommers.com1.2 M0:02:033.23United States 66.14%1.8 M
15Matadornetwork.com1.2 M0:01:282.31United States 55.36%1.2 M
16SmarterTravel.com1.1 M0:02:092.7United States 89.1%1.2 M
17Travelpod.com830 K0:02:143.86United States 29.64%N/A
18Gadling.com680 K0:00:592.84United States 73.68%N/A
19Gogobot.com660 K0:01:563.17United States 61.25%N/A
20Travel.aol.com570 K0:01:192.3United States 87.21%N/A
21Budgettravel.com570 K0:02:045.73United States 83.88%N/A
22Ricksteves.com550 K0:03:524.64United States 69.09%N/A
23Wikivoyage.org540 K0:02:523.36United States 20.80%N/A
24RoughGuides.com350 K0:03:328.25United States 22.53%N/A
25Bootsnall.com260 K0:01:262United States 50.98%N/A
26Tripwolf.com250 K0:01:463.17Germany 21.84%N/A
27Jaunted.com240K0:01:072.56United States 57.58%N/A
28Afar.com200K0:05:216.13United States 66.92%251.6 K