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Yesterday British Airways launched a new marketing campaign targeting American travelers. The “Yourope” campaign starts with a single video that lets viewers choose between Barcelona, Paris, Rome, and Berlin at an airport kiosk.

The viewers’ choice takes them to a new video, now set in the selected city, where they choose to explore one of two sides of the city. They can pick between the ‘classic’ or ‘curious’ sides of Paris, the ‘posh’ or ‘punk’ sides of Berlin, the new or old sides of Rome, and the day or nightlife of Barcelona.

After clicking on their preferred itinerary, the viewer watches a one-minute video that makes them feel as if they are really exploring the city. The videos appear to shot by a single person wearing a GoPro.

British Airways produced videos for two sides of each city so both new and experienced travelers would find something new. Each video ends with a link to the itinerary followed in the video and travel packages available for purchase.

The starting video of this creative series is below, so we’ll let it speak for itself:

Photo Credit: Views of British Airways' new YouTube videos can pick which city to visit and experience it through someone else's eyes. British Airways