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If you’ve ever been flying at 20,000 feet and thought gee, I’d love to share my location with my social circle, you’re in luck. Today location check-in service Glympse announced a partnership with Gogo Inflight to make it easier to tell friends where you are while airborne.

Glympse users can share their location with friends who are then able to track the Glympse user as they approach the airport, even once the user is offline. The app will use coordinate information gleaned from Gogo to determine where the user is when he or she shares their location.

The check-in business is currently in a shakeout period as giants like Foursquare struggle to make a profit and new comers, like Glympse look for clever ways to attract new users.

Glympse will release a new Android app on Friday and a new iOS app next week. The new features are available on its website beginning Friday.