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It might seem silly that cruisers would need to be reminded how to act onboard, but it's a reminder that more than just Chinese travelers would benefit from.

China’s cruise industry is poised for enormous growth over the next decade, but key infrastructure hurdles including unfinished ports, too few ships, and early levels of Chinese interest may stand in its way.

The China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association, a non-profit organization tasked with encouraging the growth of the cruise and yacht industry in China, published 10 guidelines in July to help Chinese travelers understand traditionally Western customs onboard ships.

The origin of cruise traveling is from the west, thus it inherited many etiquettes from western culture. However Chinese people may conceptually misunderstand cruise as a pure transportation tool but not a cultural carrier, so that some of us were not clear enough about cruise etiquettes.

The items are humorous partly due to the translation and partly due to the obviousness of the suggested behaviors. But there is also truth in the 10 points that every cruiser could benefit from reading.

In fact, the truths are so self-evident that they are often forgotten in the U.S.

Of course, cruisers should speak more quietly on their cellphones and smile at one another in the elevator. But how many cruisers today are conscious of these common courtesies? We’re betting fewer than there should be.

How many of these behaviors are you conscious of when on a cruise, airplane, or hotel lobby?

  1. According to the requirement of existing ‘International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea’ (SOLAS), passengers must be roped to participate the boat drill before cruise set sail every time. It is a highly important activity to self-safety, in which passenger need to corporate with.
  2. Captain welcoming cocktail party is a nice opportunity to know other passengers on cruise. Please, wear formally when attending, in order to show our respect.
  3. Also pay attention to the dressing style in dinner room, round collar, shorts, slipper, etc. are unacceptable.
  4. When having meal in buffet room, please take a moderate amount of food. Do not waste.
  5. Smoking in appointed area, do not smoke in guest room and forbidden area.
  6. Please, keep low-volume communication and mobile talk
  7. Be quite in lift and greet to other passenger with smile.
  8. If you need to hang and dry your cloth please ask cruise staff for appointed zone.
  9. If you got any problem or dispute with cruise company or travel agency, please complain to customer service, or seek for legal protection.
  10. Before cruising, please seek advice from travel agent in detail and realize related cruise company regulation, so that, you are able to enjoy a better cruise time.

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Photo credit: A cruise ship floats on the Songhua River at dusk in Harbin City, China. aphotostory / Flickr

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