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The awesome in-flight safety video that Virgin America released two days ago is already obsolete. As is the holiday-themed video that Delta Air Lines released last week.

The FAA today approved new rules that will allow passengers to keep their electronic devices on during all phases of the flight.

And as a result, U.S. airlines that have invested in new in-flight safety videos this year will now need to edit their videos. The new videos are part of a growing trend in which safety videos are more lively and fun than ever before.

The Hollywood director in charge of Virgin’s new video realized the airline’s poor timing on Twitter today.

A Delta spokesperson says that staff are already working on changing the in-flight videos.

The four in-flight safety videos below were released in the past year, but as soon as the airlines that made them meet the FAA’s new rules, they will be wrong. We’ve highlighted the specific parts that are no longer needed.

Virgin America’s funky new in-flight video was released only two days ago.

Delta’s released this holiday-themed safety video last week.

American released this safety video starring real employees in January 2012.

United released its latest in-flight safety video in January 2013.

Photo Credit: A scene from Virgin America's new safety video that is already obsolete. Virgin America