Scrolling through this week’s roundup of travel ads makes Germany’s capital Berlin look like one of the hippest cities in the world and America’s capital look more than pathetic. These are the unfortunate consequences of a government shutdown.

Other more inspiring videos include the first tourism ad to be released in more than a decade from a New Zealand city, Fiji’s very positive new TV campaign, and British Airway’s playful airport marketing.


Rotorua Tourism just launched its first tourism campaign in more than a decade. Taking some film tips from the Wizard of Oz, the campaign starts with an old-fashioned look at Rotorua in black and white and then transitions to a colorful action-filled reel.

The ads aim to change Kiwis’ perception of the New Zealand city and encourage them to visit. The new TV series was created by Aukland media agency MediaR.

Lufthansa is giving one Swede the chance to remake his or her life in Berlin. The contest asks Swedes to change their name to Mr./Ms. Heidi in order to win a new life in Berlin with a one-way ticket to the city, an apartment, a bike, and two flights within Germany.

The above ad visualizes what’s at stake for participants, but could just as likely be an ad created by Berlin. It makes the city look young, sexy, and fast paced. It’s a contest we’d more than happy to win!

Ten days into the shutdown, the D.C. tourism board Destination DC went into the city and shot video of workers at the restaurants, bars, and museums that remained open. The residents’ earnestness is endearing, but the fact that the organization in charge of attracting visitors to our nation’s capital had to create this is a sign of just how little importance the U.S. government gives one of its country’s largest industries.

In honor of British Airways‘ inaugural flight from London to Chengdu, a troupe of pandas dressed up like Prince William, Kate, Queen Elizabeth, James Bond, soccer players, and Harry Potter to welcome passengers. The spectacle also encouraged Chinese citizens to take advantage of the new one-way flights to London. This is playful ambient marketing at its creepiest… and best.

This new ad from Tourism Fiji is leisurely stroll through the beauty of one of the most notorious destinations in the world. Smiles and the sea are seen throughout the one-minute ad. The organization also created 16-second spots targeting adventure tourists, surfers, and families. The soothing voiceover says:

“I know a place where happiness lives, where it waves out from every corner and floats across every face and blue skies and clear water. It wanders free. Happiness live here because here it’s not tempted, not chased or pursued. You simply come here and happiness will find you.”

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Photo credit: Lufthansa is running a contest that gives one Swede a chance to start a new life in Berlin. Lufthansa

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