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The TSA’s critics are populous and they are loud. Whether it’s invasive searches, Pre-Check lines, ominous VIPR teams, belt removal, or wasting money on controversial technology, there’s a lot that people chose to complain about.

Earlier this week, respondents in a survey conducted by Skift and Google Consumer Surveys revealed that only a quarter of U.S. population thought the TSA was doing a good job.

But one thing that both critics and supporters can agree on: The TSA is not blowing its budget on expensive videos to promote its expanding Pre-Check program.

As even the most die-hard critic can see from the video below, the agency is keeping things simple in its effort to explain how Pre-Check works. According to a TSA spokeswoman, the agency used staffers and family members instead of professional actors, and “internal staff wrote, filmed, and edited it.”

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Photo Credit: Screen grab from the TSA's video. TSA