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Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends. We’re now highlighting the posts that tackle these global trends pointing towards the future of travel. This one looks at top global hospitality trends. For all of our trends roundups, go here.

  1. Food sells: Four Seasons Sticks Its Brand on Food Truck for an Eight-Week Tour
  2. Meetings are big business: Universal Orlando Plans Major Hotel Expansion With Thousands More Rooms
  3. Hotels re-think loyalty programs: Accor Attracts Business Travelers to Its Budget Brands with New Loyalty Card
  4. China’s soft power grows: China’s Richest Man Plans to Funnel Billions into Overseas Hospitality Companies
  5. China’s soft power grows: Airbnb Goes After Young Chinese Travelers as Asia Inventory Grows
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando is planning to expand its accomodations with thousands more hotel rooms. Inazakira / Flickr