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Airbnb unveiled its first film venture this afternoon.

Hollywood & Vines,” a movie made entirely out of 6-second Vines, looks at the many reincarnations of ¬†a piece of paper. Airbnb announced the project in late August before sending out directions to 100 participants via Twitter. All clips were recorded using the video-sharing app Vine. As explained on Airbnb’s YouTube page:

“For four days, people around the world worked with the director to share in the creation of a single story about travel, adventure and finding your place in the world. This is the result of that global experiment, featuring 100 Viners from everywhere from Kansas to Kuwait.”

The 4 minute and 29 second video shows a paper plane travel through a series of destinations including the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown Shanghai. It then turns into a paper boat and travels down a stream before turning to a crane, an envelope, and a love letter. The letter is crumpled up, thrown away, and recycled to later become the fortune inside a fortune cookie.

Eventually, the paper plane returns with hundred of others planes until its final reincarnation — a hand-drawn photo of home on a hill, presumably much like one you can book on Airbnb. Watch the full video below:

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