Creativity is the key to a successful video ad. Capturing the attention of today’s media-inundated viewers is tough, but keep it is even harder.

This week’s roundup of travel ads are perfectly executed. They grab our attention with a surprising graphic or warning label and build a story that we can’t help but watch through to completion.


What if the football team FC Barcelona was an island? It’d be a place where Piqué stamped your passport, Messi taught ballet, and Puyol protected old women on the street. A place where only Qatar Airways could bring you.

Qatar’s imaginative and colorful new ad is the greatest video to come from an airline sports sponsorship since Messi and Kobe Bryant competed for a young flyer’s attention. FC Barcelona fans are sure to love it while competitors will likely hate it. The ad was created by creative agency 180 Amsterdam and features the song Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson.

This new video from Tourism Western Australia come with a warning label:  Viewer discretion is advised for those with photosensitive epilepsy or similar medical condition.

What follows is a digital flip book made up of 1,001 photographs of Western Australia. A mesmerizing image sequence of sunsets, beaches, sand dunes, travelers, and kangaroos. With few words, Western Australia sends a powerful message.

Iceland is gearing up its busiest months of Northern Lights tourism. And in a double promotion for its flight and tour packages, Icelandair creates the above video that follows a group of travelers’ on their journey to see the lights.

Icelandair focuses on the aspirational traveler without getting into the package details for a casual, intimate clip.

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Photo credit: FC Barcelona becomes its own island in Qatar Airways' new video ad. Qatar Airways / YouTube

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