Weekend Getaway Essentials: Whether you are bound for the coast or the mountains make sure you pack these core pieces for your extended weekend travel bag.

V-Neck: A high-quality v-neck in a strong, solid color can be dressed up or down, and layers well under a button-up, or even a blazer if you are feeling adventurous.

Sunglasses: The most popular accessory anyone can own. That’s never truer than during the summer months.

Dark Denim: Blazers, button-ups, sweaters and t-shirts-dark denim jeans go with everything, so they work for almost any occasion.

Sport Shirt: The sport-shirt is all about versatility. It looks great with shorts during the day (just remember to roll the sleeves), and when it’s time for dinner, you can swap the shorts for chinos, add a blazer and you are good to go.

Sweatshirt: Even though it is still technically summer the temperature starts to dip at night, especially at the lake or in the mountains. A trusty, stylish sweatshirt will serve you well, form a chilly airplane cabin to a sunset stroll at the beach.

This post comes from our partner Trunk Club.

With vacation season quickly winding down a lot of people are looking for that one last hurrah to send off summer in style. And with the holiday drawing near the destination of choice requires less headache and more “here we come” attitude.

Below you’ll find the top three destinations according to an informal poll of Trunk Club stylists, along with suggestions for what to pack no matter we’re you are headed this weekend.

1. The Lake House – If you live in the Midwest is the quintessential getaway spot. Kick back at lakeside retreats, campgrounds and beaches in places like Lake Geneva, Traverse City and New Buffalo, where Redamak’s burger joint alone is worth the trip.

2. The Coast of Maine – Plenty of holiday travelers take the quick jaunt to the Hamptons or Cape Cod, but why not take that little extra trip to travel to the coast of Maine for some exploration. The Pine Tree’s States seaside attractions range from the great outdoors (Acadia National Park) to the not-too-shabby Portland food and bar scene.

3. The Mountains – Resorts towns in the Mountains aren’t just for winter sports, and have plenty of summertime adrenaline rushes from mountain biking to whitewater rafting.  Plus there are a variety of more relaxed activities. See Saratoga Race Course, which is celebrating its 150 year anniversary.

And so whether you are bound for the coast or the mountains make sure you pack these core pieces for your extended weekend travel bag.

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